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Deep web is a part of the internet that isn’t visible to search engines. Everything you see right now: google facebook, tumblr consists of only 4% on the entire history, the deep web is the other 96% of the internet.

Here are some facts about it

  1. It can be accessed using this program called Tor which provides anonymity
  2. People can hire others to kill for them through this site. One hit man boasts “I’ll do my best to make it seem like an accident or suicide”
  3. People can buy and sell drugs, everything from weed to LSD. The most famous one was the Silk Road, which got shut down by the FBI.
  4. There’s an organization called Buttery Bootleg that will help you steal anything that you can’t buy or afford. 
  5. There’s a section on Human Experiments that apparently details medical experiments on homeless people that are unregistered citizens. 
  6. They performed experiments ranging from starvation, to sterilization to vivisections. 
  7. It’s really sick but there was a debate about whether this is a real event or a parody site.
  8. People can also purchase weapons ranging from guns to ammo
  9. People can purchase credit card information
  10. The Hidden Wiki: which explains everything about the deep web. It’s sick especially the child pornographic section where there was a thread describing selling human sex dolls. 
  11. I don’t want to go into detail about all the disgusting and gross things about child porno there, but if you want you can read this one man’s experience (just scroll down) and this girl’s experience and the sick thread she found
  12. From the messages, I have received previously, the Deep Web is mostly information and a lot of data. There are horrible things there (that I listed) but most of it is computer information. 


I don’t recommend for anyone to download and use Tor to explore the deep web. Go too far and you might have the FBI knocking at your door. 

It used to be somewhat okay to explore the darknet, but since the electric all-seeing-eye found out about silk road, it’s watching a lot closer. I really don’t recommend it.

Also how could I forget mention the creepy no sleep story on reddit inspired by the Deep Web called The Shadow Web. 

Read the Shadow Web

Huge trigger warning on this and based on the description of the Deep Web, I think you know why! 

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